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Leanne Stevens, VA Express

VA Express offers a unique approcah to Copywriting & Editing.


Leanne graduated cum laude with a BJourn from Rhodes University and began her career in corporate communications, working with clients in property, packaging, financial services and rugby. Her magazine career started as a travel and lifestyle writer for the British Airways and kulula in-flight magazines, but it was after joining the Women’s Health (and later, also Men’s Health) team that she found her true love – wellness and fitness. She even completed a certificate in personal training through Trifocus Fitness Academy. Leanne is now a freelance writer, storyteller and content producer by day with a fitness side hustle.



Ghost writing

Editing & rewriting


Copywriting (articles, blog posts): R3.50/word Copywriting (basic website from scratch): R4 000 Editing & rewriting: From R350 / hour Ghost writing: Quote on request

*Prices will be quoted on a fixed, per-project fee agreed upon upfront.

Pricing is subject to change on a case by case basis.

Receive 10% off quoted project fee - Code: PPVA






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