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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a VA to join?

No you don't have to be ... but you should be on your way to starting your VA business to join. It's not a 'learn to be a VA' place, but we have lots of resources to help you get up faster than doing it all on your own.

Do you help VAs start their business?

We do not provide training for VAs to become VAs, but we do have lots of resources and training available to our members to help you with the various aspects of getting your business started.

I need to learn how to be a VA. Can we help?

If you are looking for training to become a VA, PPVA owner Carmen Cara is a VA Trainer and Coach. She offers Self Study Training Programs.

Do I need to have my website finished to join?

You do not need a website to join. You don't even need business cards! You just need to have your VA business launched (or close to launched), so that you are ready to use the benefits that we offer VAs. All registered members’s who require a website can have one built for them by one of our partners at a reduced cost.

Will you teach me the admin skills I need to be a VA?

No, we do not teach people to be VAs. You should have your own administrative training and/or experience to start a VA business. We are not a training place, we are a trade association for our members, who operate their own VA businesses. For VA training, connect with Owner Carmen Cara.

Do you offer job opportunities at PPVA?

We do not hire VAs. Clients seeking VAs are welcome to search our member directory to find a VA.

How do I become a VA?

To become a VA is to start your own VA business. You must register your business, market your business, and find your own clients. You are an independent contractor and a business owner. VA training is available through some of our partners including the Owner, Carmen Cara, but the fees for taking any training is not included in your membership fees.

Do you offer certification for VAs?

No, we do not offer certification for VAs.

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